Doctors of BC Launches Business Pathways Program with New HR Toolkit

Business Pathways is a new program of Doctors of BC dedicated to helping our members navigate the operational side of running a practice – a one-stop shop to access targeted resources based on your current practice needs, no matter where you are in your medical career.

In launching the program, Business Pathways is introducing the first of three HR toolkits that will help you with all aspects of managing your staff. The first toolkit, available now, delves into best practices for recruiting and hiring staff. We heard that HR management is a particular area of importance to our doctors and more in-depth toolkits for other key aspects of managing office staff will be released as soon as possible.

We are also introducing exclusive deals in partnership with Club MD* from legal and financial services like MD Financial Management* and MNP LLP*, and other business partners like TopStack* and Staples.* *member login required

We have guides, resources, and other toolkits available, which include support for:

More tools, resources, and educational opportunities will be released on a continual basis. Business Pathways is here to start helping doctors to optimize their practice, every step of the way.

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